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Who will do PCA service assessment?
PCA service recepient must have an assessment for PCA services by an assessor through a lead agency (a county, tribal government, or managed care organization).
How to get PCA services assessment?
Contact HongFuPCA to get a phone number to call.
Can family members be PCA?

Family members can be PCAs except the following ones:

• Paid legal guardian of an adult

• Legal guardian of a minor

• Parent or stepparent of a minor child recipient

• Recipient of PCA services

• Responsible party of a recipient

• Spouse of a recipient.


What kind of PCA services are eligible for payment from Medical Assistance?

The covered PCA services includes:

1. Assistance with ADLs like dressing, groming, bathing, eating, transfers, positioning, toileting;

2. Assistance with self-administered medications; interventions for seizure disorders, including monitoring and observation; range of motion to maintain a person’s strength and muscle functioning;

3. Observation of a person who has episodes of behaviors and/or needs redirection to remain safe in his/her environment;

4. Accompany to medical appointments; accompany to participate in the community; assistance with paying bills; communication by telephone and other media;  complete household tasks integral to the PCA services; plan and prepare meals; shop for food, clothing and other essential items.  


A PCA may assist a child when needed for health and hygiene reasons integral to the personal care services. Assessors must indicate this need on the PCA Assessment and Service plan as described in the PCA Assessment and Service Plan instructions.


Can a PCA work for two PCA recepients?

Yes, but a PCA is limited to providing and being paid for up to 275 hours per month of PCA regardless of the number of recipients being served or the number of PCA provider agencies enrolled with.

Does a PCA have to be hired by a PCA agency?
A individual PCA won't get payment directly from Medical Assistance. 
Contact HongFuPCA to get hired, training and enrolled with MHCP.
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