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Policy and Procedures


Payroll Policy

Time sheet should be submitted into office every Monday after you complete the assignment. Employees should not hold time sheet. Time sheet shall be expired 15 days after the date of service if not submitted. No time sheet means no pay.

At Will Status, Termination and Notice

All personal care assistants and home makers are employed as per diem or as needed. They need to work at least 2 shifts a month to keep their per diem status active. Per diem employees have no benefits like 401k, PTO and health insurance.  Each pca and home maker is hired  to provide PCA services or home making at the request of a client or responsible party. If that client leaves our company or choose to use another worker, the employee must update the agency his/her availability to request a new assignment. Failure to do so, the employee would be treated as he/she terminates his/her employment voluntarily and the unemployment benefits will be affected. If the employee refuse a suitable assignment, he/she will be treated as he/she quits voluntarily and the unemployment benefits would affected.  Employees may be terminated for reasons including but not limited to misconduct. The employee may terminate his/her employment any time voluntarily upon providing the required notice.

An individual who is employed as a personal care assistant must:

1. Be able to effectively communicate with the person and the PCA provider agency.
2. Be able to provide covered PCA services according to the person’s PCA care plan.
3. Respond appropriately to the person’s needs.
4. Report changes in the person’s condition to the qualified professional.
5. Maintain daily written records including, but not limited to, time sheets.
6. Complete training and orientation on the needs of the recipient.
7. Be supervised by the consumer or the qualified professional.


A person age 16-17 years old may be a PCA with the following additional requirements:

• Employed by only one PCA provider agency responsible for compliance with current labor laws

• Supervised by a qualified professional every 60 days

A personal care assistant may not be the:

• Paid legal guardian of an adult
• Legal guardian of a minor
• Parent or stepparent of a minor child recipient
• Recipient of PCA services
• Responsible party of a recipient
• Spouse of a recipient

A PCA is limited to providing and being paid for up to 275 hours per month of PCA regardless of the number of recipients being served or the number of PCA provider agencies enrolled with.

All PCAs must have a clear criminal background study and enrolled with DHS as a PCA before providing services.

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